What did you do this summer?

The wisdom writer know as Ecclesiastes writes, “And a time for every matter under heaven.”  

Worshiping from the pews this summer, we were treated to a great sermon series titled “Music Lessons.”  In additionspecial music summer 2017 to the spoken word describing the interplay of melody, harmony, form and rhythm in our lives, a wide range of special music enhanced the spirituality of the services. While the congregation found a steady rhythm in worship, the rest of church life took its own sabbath rest time with a break from committees, Sunday school, choir and other group meetings.

But that’s just the surface view.

Action was definitely happening–it was simply elsewhere or at other times.  The middle school youth went on a spiritual retreat to Massanetta Springs and are now preparing for a mission trip to Washington, DC.  The high school youth have had their mission and spiritual retreats as well.  Not to be left out, the younger crowd from the church and community filled our halls with record numbers for Vacation Bible School.  At the same time, a hearty band of members launched an international mission to Nicaragua.  Phew!  That’s a lot of activity.

You see, June and July were just low points for committee meetings.  That is what struck me when committee meetings drew me to the church two nights in a row.  These two meetings are in preparation for upcoming events, much like the various mission and retreat activities of the summer.  The rhythm of planning the events and producing the events are now the rhythm of the late summer and fall.

The key piece of that planning rhythm is to keep the melody going in harmony with all the other melodies of other committees.  There is time for such “matters under heaven,” but each have their own cadence.  Indeed, this part of the church season seems to be the “time to build up.”

Stay tuned.


One thought on “What did you do this summer?

  1. Summer is a season for something different in our pace of life. The GPPC sermon series themed Music Lessons was indeed a feast of varieties of spirit-lifting music for the congregants and sermons that plucked my heart strings, creating my faith harmony of life that I love so much at GPPC.

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