Clarence WHO???

“There’s nothing new under the sun” goes the old adage. History repeats itself – and our challenge is to know our history and apply the lessons of the past.

On Sunday, January 24th at 2:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall of Guilford Park, the Justice and Peacemaking Committee will present “Clarence Darrow: A One-Man Play” in honor and memory of our beloved Bob Herron. The thread of the justice we advocate as Christians runs clearly through Darrow’s work on some of the most celebrated cases in American history.

As a lawyer, he dedicated himself to the quest for justice for the laborer, the African American, the dissident, the falsely accused, the poor and outcast, and the non-Christian.

As one source notes, “Darrow was a fierce litigator who championed the cause of the underdog.” Many of the issues with which we struggle as citizens and Christians in contemporary America were also at play in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Through Darrow’s musings and recollections of his long and storied career we are drawn to think about the meaning of justice. Whether you come to think Darrow a villain or hero, the play is entertaining and thought-provoking. We suspect nothing would please Bob more, and so did John Robinson, his neighbor and friend who as an actor has been stepping into the shoes of Clarence Darrow for several years.

John Robinson Pic for CD Program

John Robinson as Clarence Darrow

There is no charge and we will serve complimentary refreshments at a brief intermission. We will take a love offering for Bread for the World in honor of Bob’s work. Nursery care provided.

Come join us … old and young, liberal and conservative, to honor Bob and to ponder the meaning of justice in our time, and in all times.


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