Foggy Clarity

One of my daily spiritual practices is to notice things as I drive my daily routes. Since I live in a wooded neighborhood, it often has to do with trees and light. Today, I contemplated the fog.

As you know, my word of the year is space. Fog does an interesting thing- it gives the illusion of endless space while drawing everything in close. As I was driving past a golf course blanketed in white, a tree stood out in sharp relief. The closer I drove, the more distinct the branches were, their darkness contrasting with the whiteness of the fog. Because everything else was shrouded, my full attention was drawn to this tree I have driven past thousands of times.

Fog Rolling In

Image courtesy of

The phrase “You can’t see the forest for the trees” is used to remind folks to see the big picture; for us not to focus on just one part of a larger system that needs attention. But at times, we just need to see the trees.

We are bombarded with stimuli from the moment we wake up to when we go to bed. The forest is often everywhere. But today, because of the fog, the tree stood out. How often do we contemplate just the tree? Not try to work on it, not try to change it, but just notice it.So often we think of fog as a negative, and it can create hazardous conditions. I’ve complained recently of having a foggy head when either pain or medication has made it difficult for me to think. Today’s fog was helpful. It created much needed space by blocking out what wasn’t essential. It made it easier to focus without becoming distracted by the unnecessary. I hope you found some “foggy clarity” today, too.Blessings,Jo


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