Do You Have a Word?

Joy. Limits. Thankfulness. Gratitude.

These are just a few of the words friends of mine have chosen this year or in past years to guide them. It’s a different type of New Year’s resolution. One that frames the year while you create the picture inside.

This year, I’m finally jumping on the Word (of the year) bandwagon simply because one word kept popping up in my brain: space.

When I was in Driver’s Ed, the instructor talked about following distance. He told us if we were driving in town, 35 mph, there should be a two-count distance between the car in front of us and our car. On the highway it should be a four or five-count. Because the faster we’re going, the longer it takes to stop.

This idea of following distance can be used in other areas of life. Am I scheduling too many things too close together? Am I giving myself- my body, brain, and spirit- time to rest before calling on those resources again. Is there enough of a buffer for when something major is thrown into my path? Or do I end up in a self-made pile-up?

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Following distance is just one example of how I view space in my life. Space is also making sure that there is room enough for each item in my house to have a place. It’s deciding what is really important and/or necessary, and what’s just fluff. It’s making hard decisions and saying no a lot more than I have ever done before. Thankfully, I have a few guides. The main source of the words that tickle at the back of my mind when making decisions is the blog Slow your Home I also love The Art of Simple.

Most importantly, space includes space for God. Over and over in the Bible we hear God coming in the quiet, in the stillness, in the intentional times. Certainly God lives and moves and speaks in our fast-paced world, but I find myself straining to hear through all the clutter and busyness. I’m tired of straining. The lectionary Psalm for Sunday, January 25 (my next preaching Sunday) is Psalm 62:5-12. It opens with this: “For God alone my soul waits in silence, for my hope is from him.” Be warned- there will be plenty of “space” in the service that Sunday!

Do you have a Word (of the year) that you follow? Have you thought about choosing one- it’s not too late! My prayer for you today is that you will have space enough in your life for God and for yourself.



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