Time Changing

We’re all familiar with time changing: Daylight savings time. Hermione’s Time Turner. Dr. Who.

But that’s not the kind of time changing I’m talking about. I’m talking about changing time from the ordinary, life-on-a-treadmill, can’t-stop-the-pace-or-you’ll-fall-down time to God’s time. We get glimpses of it from time to time, and it reminds us of what God’s time looks like.

Things like: catching up with a friend after many days, weeks, months have gone by and it feels like no time has past. Seeing glimpses of God in our children- the truth they speak, their vulnerability, their dependence on us. The awe-inspiring beauty of God’s creation. That time when we sit in the pews and simply are God’s people, gathered together with the common purpose of worshiping and glorifying our God.

At times these moments are accidental and fleeting; at other times they are intentional. As Certified Time Changers (which you all are), we need to be more intentional about changing from regular time to God-time.

In my Sunday school class a few weeks ago using Lauren Winner’s book Mudhouse Sabbath, we talked about (you guessed it) Sabbath. Lauren notes that Sabbath is something that Jews do really well; it’s central to their faith. And in fact, it’s a commandment. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. She also noted that Christians have a much harder time with this commandment. The stuff of life keeps getting in the way.

Our culture recognizes that increasing speed of the treadmill we’re on, and it encourages us to take “me” time.To pamper ourselves. Winner points out that this me-time does not count as Sabbath; in fact, it misses the whole point of Sabbath. Sabbath is to be God-time, not me-time.

Perhaps these images will be helpful to you in your work as Certified Time Changers.

kronos kairosOn the left we see our regular time- kronos time. It’s the everyday time, the treadmill that keeps us going going going without pause or rest.

On the right is kairos time- special time, God’s time. This is what we as Certified Time Changers are to work toward. Being intentional about switching to God-time.

So what does this look like? It looks like a lot of breathing and praying. A lot of attention and love. Taking time to let the air still around you and feel the shift from hectic to holy.

So now that you are a Certified Time Changer, how will you practice Sabbath? If you can’t devote a whole day, start to look for Sabbath moments. Try to actively change the quality of the time around you once a day. Perhaps when you’re putting kids to bed. Or when you are washing dishes. During lunch with a co-worker. Practically any time of day can be changed by a Certified Time Changer. Why don’t you give it a try?




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