The Chairs

The Chairs

Have you seen my chairs? I love my chairs. I love that a few wonderful church members have taken my office on as a project and help me express myself through furniture and fabric. I love that they are a funky pattern. But what I love most is when I get to sit and chat with people in the chairs.

These chairs have started seeing some good use in the last couple of weeks. I can see them straightening themselves up, proud to be doing their job. Not merely decoration; instead they are supporting and holding folks as they tell me their stories.

This church, your lives, my life-they are all full of stories. Stories of great joy and heartache. Stories of faith and questions. Stories that make us laugh and make us cry. It is one of the best parts of my job to listen to your stories and share a few of my own.

Already these chairs have held laughter, good conversation, deep thoughts, concern for other church members, and even a few tears. Above all, these chairs contain prayers and love.

I believe that each time I pray with you in these chairs, a little remnant of those prayers is left behind in the fabric. And God’s love that is shared between us in those conversations and prayer embeds itself in the frame. So perhaps, just like the Velveteen Rabbit, as the chairs get a little worn from use, they will become real: saturated with prayers and love.

Please come and take a moment or an hour and sit in my chairs.






5 thoughts on “The Chairs

  1. Jo, your chairs are interesting. I spent 20 years of my life sitting on one particular office chair, listening to the pain and joy of parishioners’ lives when I was, like Bob Herron, a pastoral counselor. I sat 9 hours a day, 5 days a week.

    At times, I sat so much I fell asleep in my chair. At others, I restrained myself from sitting bolt upright at what someone in the other chair had spilled out as their pain or loss. Interestingly, after 20 years of sitting, I developed a severe sciatic pain which now makes sitting in chairs very difficult. Only when I stand am I now pain free. That sciatica coincided with my departing counseling and returning to pastoral work in the parish, where, perchance, one stands a lot and sits less—even though there are more seated meetings! May your chair heal many and bring great satisfaction.
    Kit Schooley

    • Kit- Thank you for your blessing of my chairs. I too hope they bring healing (and no pain). We can’t wait until you all are back, and I’m so glad you are in touch this way. If you ever want to write a post from the Paris office, just let me know!

  2. Jo, You have such a loving way at looking at people and even things in this world. You should write! You are awakening my inner Disney space with a splash of prayer.
    Thanks for the expansion,

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