Honeymoon Viewing Part 2: Worship

The fourth sip of coffee. Sabbath time with my family. My early morning quiet and devotional time. Worship.

These are my favorite times during the week. And while I could write a post on each of those times, today let’s talk about worship. Is it one of your favorite times during the week? I hope so, but if not, let’s talk.

In college I did the “I-can-read-my-devotional-book-and-it-will-count-as-worship” for a few Sunday mornings. Three Sundays to be exact. And then I put the book down and slept in. I didn’t find in my devotional book what I found in church: community.

Crosses for Year of the Bible folks made by Jill Main

Crosses for Year of the Bible folks made by Jill Main

You may see me on Sunday mornings craning my head around to see who is there. I’m not taking attendance. Well I am, but not in a judgmental way. I want to see who is present. As I look out over the congregation, I pray for you all, remember things that are going on in your lives, note who is missing in case I need to follow up, and try to discern how the Holy Spirit is moving in the midst of those gathered.

One of my favorite parts of the worship service is the passing of the peace. Yes, I get to greet folks at the end of the service, but something different happens when we shake hands or hug while passing God’s peace. It is a Spirit moment rather than just a regular moment. It emphasizes our connectedness as the people of God and as the people of Guilford Park.

Coming to worship changes the whole cadence of the week. It’s a chance to start a God-centric week instead of an us-centric week. A week grounded in the holy instead of a week grounded in lazy or crazy. It is a chance to be a part of a community- one that loves one another and prays for one another.

As part of our year-long commitment to Walk the Walk here at Guilford Park, coming to worship each Sunday (rain or shine) is the foundation of this practice.

I hope you will find yourself loving worship as you come more and more. And maybe you love different things than I do. If so, please share them with me.

See you Sunday!

Jo Owens


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