Last Wednesday I got sick. Stomach-flu-sick. Very-nasty-bug-sick. It has taken until today, Tuesday, for me to finally feel almost well. That means on Sunday when you saw me- I was just faking it.

Jeff encouraged me to go home, and there was a part of me that almost took him up on the offer. He had certainly handled plenty of services here without me, but there was more than a sense of duty keeping me here. It was the chance to see you all. It’s my one chance each week to see the majority of the people in the church, and I don’t give that chance up easily.

You see, we’re still on our honeymoon. It’s that wonderful time in a new relationship (and yes, clergy-congregation definitely counts!) that we are so excited to get to know more and more about each other.

I still get giddy when I shake hands at the back of the church or during the passing of the peace. I wonder at how blessed I am that you all have not only invited me to be a part of your church, but a part of your lives. I treasure praying with you and for you.

I know that eventually the peak of these feelings will wear off, leaving behind a warmth and glow that is sustaining.  But for now, I am soaking it in as much as possible!

One thing I can do with my fresh set of eyes, is show you your church anew. So check back in over the next few days as I reflect what I see through my rose colored glasses. Maybe you’ll fall in love with the church all over again.

Jo Owens


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