Give Me Oil

If you are on Facebook, you might have seen that I had a rough night Saturday night. My 16-month-old son, Graham was up every hour or two. Five a.m. came even earlier than usual Sunday morning, and I struggled as I went through my morning routine.

I instead of the smooth borders of my skin, I I felt like I was a mess of ragged edges. As if a part of me could snag on something I walked past, and I would start to unravel.

Skip ahead past a broken coffee pot, a few wonderful church members picking up the debris left in my wake, and we make it to the first service. With my ragged edges, only parts of the service sunk in, while other parts slid silently past me. That is, until it was time for our service of wholeness.

ImageI prayed for, laid hands on, and anointed many of you with oil. And I was connected with each of you that received oil whether I was the one to do it or not. But even as I touched you, you touched me. Slowly, over the course of two services, my ragged edges became smooth again.

I am no longer ragged, but I am also not the same as I was before. I feel more permeable; more open. It’s as if my pores have opened up to receive the holiness around me.

Yesterday, much of that holiness took place in the form of grief as two dear friends are struggling with the illness of family members. I cried many tears for my friends: tears of sorrow and pain, but also tears of God’s mercy. Knowing that I was blessed with oil for healing and wholeness within myself, I prayed that healing for my friends.

How were you changed if you received an anointing with oil? What was that experience like for you?

Jo Owens


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